Coming Soon!

We have gone through a ton of changes in the past year. One new feature will be the Amy Lionheart Line of professional jewelry and a new distributorship opportunity!

Our SmartJewelry line for your fitness trackers are still available through our Etsy store front.

Thank you for all of your support!

~Amy Lionheart



Greetings and salutations my fine guest!Amy Lionheart

I created Purple Koi Designs LLC to help me create a brand that would cover all my creations under one roof and to bring all my pen-names for all my different genres down into one pen name. So now all my cartoon, fine arts, costumes, & gadgets are under a more manageable system. One company, one name, & a whole lot of AWESOME!


~Amy Lionheart

Purple Koi Designs Booth with Larz

My booth at a recent convention with my right hand man.