Our Artist Alley Table

Purple Koi Designs in the Artist Alley

There are many conventions our fans request us to sign up for. We wish we could go to every single convention, but luckily since our items are hand made by Amy Lionheart in Madison WI, we are able to have an Artist Alley Table.

What To Expect From Amy Lionheart’s Artist Alley Table?

Concinnity2013Amy Lionheart has a muse unlike any other and a passion for creativity that is equally unrivaled. Her expansive artist supplies and tools gives her freedom within her studio to create. The artist alley table will reflect the warm and inviting spirit of the booth with 100% of Amy’s own creativity distilled for your enjoyment.

What we WILL be bringing to the artist alley table- All Hand Made Items That Includes:

  • Paintings & prints of original artwork of original designs
  • Signature original handmade jewelry and accessories
  • Hand made and original steampunk props, accessories & costume parts
  • Hand made original gifts such as steampunk & science magnets & ornaments (seasonal)
  • Hand made games, blank books, and other hand made original items

Type, variety, and quantity of items will vary and is dependent on the size of the table(s) and the availability of each item. Not all items listed may be displayed or brought along due to table space realty and availability.

What will NOT be at the artist alley table?

We will NOT be bringing any of our standard retail items such as:

  • Gaming supplies, minis, & gaming accessories (Items not made by Amy Lionheart)
  • Corsets and mass produced costumes/accessories (Items not made by Amy Lionheart)
  • The ENTIRE DIY section will NOT be available
  • Containers such as leather storage boxes or empty blank book boxes
  • Mass produced toys, reproductions, nor antiques
  • The Mini Steampunk Lounge (due to the size limitations the lounge is only available in our 2 booth setup)

If you have any questions or concerns about our application to your event for an artist alley table please feel free to contact me any time.