Custom Commissions

Why you want to have your awesome ideas come to life:

Bringing your ideas to life is an amazing experience and can be a little addicting, especially when you have someone else who is passionate about creating projects as you are about your specific project.

Unlike other places or other artists that can only do something within their small set style I enjoy going out side my little box of skills as often as possible which helps me grow as an artist, a crafter, inventor, and creator. Let me help you create and bring your ideas to life, even if you can’t even draw a stick person.  There are almost no other artists who have such a wide variety of skills, natural talent, history of passion, and tools to get your awesome idea complete!

And the best of all it is easier than you might think.

Here are the simple steps into getting your own ideas made!

1) To start just send me some links to images of what you want along with some basic info like:

For Cosplay: What character from what anime

For Artwork: What art style or color tones from what art pieces

For other creations: What aspects of an existing item you would like included

2) I will give you 3 different prices: a low price, medium price and a high price. Each one will reflect the quality of the end results. I often can go a little lower than the lowest price but that quality would be the equivalent to what you would get from target for Halloween on a costume or sketches and quick styled paintings. On the opposite end I can go much higher with higher quality products as well.

I like to give options as some people just want something fun and cheap such as a costume that they will wear once, while other people spend many many hours of prep time on a character for a costume and are very committed to it for a number of years.

Contact me today or fill out this helpful Custom Creation Form