Why Does Purple Koi Designs Love Conventions?

Concinnity2013bEvery year we try to have a booth at one new convention a year on top of the conventions we have done the previous year. My husband and I love going to conventions and since I was young I have been going to all sorts of conventions every year. Somewhere out there is a photo of me in diapers at one of the earlier Gen Cons in front of the original tardis. Geeky and nerdy conventions are in my blood and our team brings a level of genuine passion and enthusiasm that most vendors don’t have. It’s not a job, it’s a passion.

Purple Koi Designs Vendor Booth

IMG_0870Our booth is jammed pack full of affordable steampunk gear perfect for beginners and casual cosplayers alike. We are also avid gamers and carry gaming accessories as well. Most of our Items are hand made by the local creative Amy Lionheart of Madison Wisconsin. Purple Koi Designs is an exclusive and entertaining one stop shop for your unique steampunk props , decor & accessories as well as gaming figure needs. We also have an online store opened before and after the convention at but there are plenty of items you won’t find in the store that you will during the convention! So what are you waiting for?

Exclusive, Unique, and a Large Spread of Offering

Concinnity2013Many vendors resell items. That is what they do, they buy items, mark them up, and resell them. This is the norm, and is perfectly fine… but… it leads to the issue of having booths selling the exact same thing. Too many booths selling identical wears yields a dull and boring dealer room. With Purple Koi Designs you won’t need to worry, because almost all of the items are unique and originals hand crafted by me, Amy Lionheart. These items won’t look like they are from a farmer’s market or a craft show because they are designed and created for geeks, nerds, and gamers just like us. The spread of offerings we have is wide from props, jewelry, accessories, decor, gaming pieces, and trinkets. All of which are made and designed to be affordable so even your penny pinching, sleeping in the hallways con-goer can still bring home something to remember the weekend by.

Our Vendor Promise

We know what convention attendees love and what they hate because we have spent most of our lives going to conventions as attendees ourselves. We have a few goals for every convention that we work hard at to meet or excel at.

We Promise to:

  • Have our booth set up and ready when the doors open
  • Carry only items that are acceptable & within the convention’s unique regulations
  • Create the most warm & inviting booth for all ages
  • NEVER pre-close or shut down early (this is our #1 attendee’s pet peeve)
  • Stay open and available during the entire open hours
  • Offer directions to other vendors if we are unable to supply their demands
  • Always offer the best & most reasonably priced quality items


A collection of photos taken of our booth at various conventions and events.

[img src=]350Concinnity 2013
Purple Koi Designs offers unique items not found anywhere else.
[img src=]70Concinnity 2013
Our booth is often full of happy and excited attendees.
[img src=]140Daishocon 2013
With a double booth layout we bring along our antique gold leaf leather top table to create a mini steampunk lounge for people to learn how to play ancient games with a new spin.
[img src=]140Daishocon 2013
In a double booth set up Lars can teach you how to play ancient games that have a steampunk twist that you will love.
[img src=]130Daishocon 2013
[img src=]130Daishocon 2013
[img src=]130Daishocon 2013
Who hasn’t gotten sick of the same octopus design used in everything? Amy Lionheart took the initiative and designed her own and creates these amazing statement pieces.
[img src=]150Daishocon 2013
[img src=]130Daishocon 2013
[img src=]110Daishocon 2013
Purple Koi Designs offers affordable steampunk goggles that are each hand made by Amy Lionheart.
[img src=]90Daishocon 2013
as of late 2013 we are now able to offer fashion corsets at conventions!
[img src=]100Daishocon 2013
Lars has his own happy corner where he can share his passion of table top gaming.
[img src=]110Daishocon 2013
[img src=]120Daishocon 2013
[img src=]100Daishocon 2013


Special Convention Perks From Purple Koi Designs

Conventions allow me to bring in items that I don’t have listed on Etsy. The online store is closed during conventions so we all can focus on the fun and excitement of your convention. As a little thank you for accepting our vendor application we offer an exclusive secret discount to all convention members, convention staff, gophers and helpers. Sneak on over to our booth during your break and get 20% off any select item* of your choice. Just let Amy Lionheart know when checking out that you are “staff” and heard about a discount & we will take care of the rest. We try to be the 1st ones to set up and the last ones to tear down because we know running a convention is hard work and some vendors just pack up too early.

* Some items or already marked sale or deal items might not be applicable. This special offer can change or end without notice. Both full and part time help, security, and gophers are eligible for the discount. Purchases made with the intent to resell are not eligible for this discount.