Our Community Focused Home

Here is the detailed list of Perks and Stretch Goals for our cause: donationLevels

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Home is where the heart is…


… and our heart is with our friends, family members, and our community


So while looking at homes to be our 1st house we of coarse have an unusual take as to what is desired, because we are not small people, we have big hearts, and big dreams that we are developing. We have 2 home businesses that we would like to expand, and to be able to help friends and family members through their own transitions. Our vision is to have a sharing loving community focused home.

We found a house that is perfect. With rooms for Purple Koi Design to have it’s own studio with the potential to develop an apprenticeship or educational program which we are unable to do so in our current space. Jade Ghost, our web marketing company which is focused on the little guys, can have it’s own dedicated space to improve it’s own work flow and thus yield a better performance for our community.

With a yard we can create a community focused victory garden where we can produce more food not only for our selves, but for our friends, family, and community.

This new home also has a large 3rd floor room perfect for a meditation room and creative arts such as writing and drawing for everyone to enjoy and help heal and find their center. Don’t you deserve a place to go in peace and quiet, just for yourself once in a while?

We have plans on dedicating this space just for that purpose.

The new home also will feature 2 dedicated guest rooms for our friends who need to get away, have a personal retreat, or a helpful place to stay while they are making major life transitions. Having an extra room will also offer us space to grow as we have plans for future children.

Located roughly 15 min from where we live now, your travels won’t be greatly increased, but the enjoyment of your visits will.

We have visited this home, which is sound, sturdy, warm and dry. The price is in our budget for our monthly expenses. The purchasing phase is on it’s way, but we are asking for help with the down payment and initial costs. We were not completely prepared for our rent to be raised, and equally so as towards buying a new home. They say you are never ready for the big things in life. Since we are community focused we felt compelled to ask our friends, family, and community who will also be benefiting from this major purchase.

To make donating even more fun and enjoyable we have created a number of wonderful perks and even stretch goals. If you are unable to donate you can help us out still by sharing this campaign for our cause. If you want 100% of your donation to go to the cause in lieu of your perk(s) just add the note “FOR THE CAUSE” with your donation.

Life sends everyone curve balls , and the challenges we have faced we have done so with as much grace as we can muster. We ask you now to lend us a hand, small or big, with this life challenge.

If by chance we are unable to secure this home we will be putting all donations into a saving account and have these funds go towards a new home that will meet these goals next year. This way your donations will be secure and go towards their intended purpose.

Together we can not only make this home a reality, but create the perfect community focused home for many people just like you to enjoy.

Here is the detailed list of Perks and Stretch Goals for our cause: donationLevels

To donate to this fundraiser for our community focused home visit us at Go Fund Me here: